What are the best options available on the market when it comes to VPN’s for Kodi? A few tips and tricks to learn more about this topic

KODI is an excellent Media Center (multi-media player), by adding extensions (Vstream – Addon XXX – SportsDevil) to it you can watch all types of content: Movies, M&E, Pornos, Sports (soccer), TV programs and the VPN economica nel Italia.

The criteria of the best KODI VPNs are quite simple:

  1. An excellent connection speed. Speed is the most important criteria. You need speed to not see your streaming jerky.A VPN can even improve your connection speed. Indeed, F.A.I practice the QOS (brider your connection speed) and tend to limit the bandwidth of certain applications, servers, sites (Youtube) or backbones (Cogent).
  2. NO LOG. You need a VPN that does not keep track of your activities on KODI. KODI you do what you want there. It is your secret garden and your private life.
  3. P2P – Torrent Servers. These are servers (Direct Download) or applications Torrent – P2P that send video files. You need to connect à servers « Torrent-friendly » like Holland, Suède, Romania. No one will see your F.A.I. IP because it will be replaced by the VPN one.
  4. Kill Switch Function. The Kill swith is a feature that allows you to cut applications, software that use the VPN. This protection is essential, even if VPN cuts are now quite rare, because you can very well watch a video with your IP F.A.I without realizing it with the surfshark free trial @ Globalwatchonline.th


Every VPN s ‘s more or less specialized in one area or another. IPVanish is often cited as the « Best Kodi VPN« , « Best VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick » or « Best VPN for Free Streamingt« .

  • IPVanish is the fastest VPN, that’s its major advantage. IPVanish is the VPN provider that offers the best speed on the market. The reason is quite simple: IPVanish has its own network and servers. So it can rely on connection quality and fast speeds. This small speed test shows you a Dutch server of IPVanish (left my connection without VPN)
  • The number of torrent friendly countries is large and you will always have the choice to find a fast server (The Netherlands has more than 80). The connection software intègre a Kill switch, it blocks all your internet traffic if your VPN connection is interrupted with Surfshark sverige @ Globalwatchonline
  • Finally IPVanish is NO LOG: « IPVanish does not collect, monitor, or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network service, under any circumstances, on any platform.


PureVPN has the particularity of having a Repo « PureVPN Kodi« . So you can install PureVPN directly on KODI by adding the source address: https://www.purevpn.com/Kodi-repo . Beware PureVPN Kodi only protects the media center traffic.

If you préférez protection of your entire network then use the connection software that also integrates the function Kil Switch. For KODI we advise you to take the « File Sharing«  mode. PureVPN by itself will select the best protocol and the fastest server. If you want to choose a P2P compatible Server on your own, PureVPN offers Holland, Panama, Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria, … and you will be able to make a Ping Test to choose the fastest one.

  • From the NO LOG, PureVPN is now a certified VPN without Log. To make this excellent News use the code: NOLOGVPN and get 30% discount on PureVPN packages.
  • PureVPN has hired Altius IT, a California-based certified independent information systems auditing firm, to conduct a security audit of the systems and No-Log policy.


NordVPN is the VPN préfér on the VPN Blog. It’s only natural that it is in the TOP 3 best Kodi VPNs. NordVPN has many assets:

  • Certified; NO LOG. NordVPN is based in Panama. Like many VPNs they have obtained from an auditing firm a certification. The NO LOG is the number ONE criterion requested by users. There are two ways to obtain a certification: either by the courts where the absence of LOGS is in fact a certification. Or by private audit firms.
  • P2P servers. NordVPN has many: Holland, Panama, Sweden, Bulgaria, Romania, ….
  • Kill switch intégré

The connection software is very simple to use. For KODI you choose the « Servers spés » then the P2P tab. For the country leave the Fastest option which will allow you to optimize your speed.