Turkey bans bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment

Purchases of cars or holidays, for example, cannot be settled with cryptocurrency in Turkey, the Turkish central bank announced on Friday. According to the regulator, bitcoins and other digital currencies cause transaction risks and irreparable damage. The price of the bitcoin immediately plunged a few percent into the minus after the news. Currencyconverters.org Crypto in Spain is popular.

The central bank said the coins should not be used as a means of payment either directly or indirectly. “Cryptocurrencies are not subject to legislation or regulatory mechanisms. Nor is there any authority to control it,” said an explanation. “In addition, it can undermine confidence in current payment methods.”

Investing in bitcoins in Turkey has become increasingly popular in recent months. This was partly because the currency of the country, the lira, has lost a lot of value. For example, the currency lost 16 percent of its value last month. By investing in digital currency, Turks want to prevent their assets from diminishing as a result of inflation. Crypto in Italy is popular.

Digital coins are becoming more and more accepted worldwide. For example, the number of companies that accept bitcoins as a means of payment is increasing; Apple, Expedia and Tesla, among others, do this. There is also an increasing number of regulations in various countries to ensure that the trade in and use of digital currencies runs smoothly.

Polinate wants to completely turn the world of crowdfunding upside down

You’ve probably heard of Kickstarter and Patreon. Add to that a vibrant community, gamification and crypto, and you have Polinate: a next-gen crowdfunding platform that wants to enable creatives and artists to make their dreams come true, yet does things completely differently from its conventional counterparts. At least that’s what they think…

Crowdfunding has become a popular source of funding for new ventures and startups in recent years. Not surprising, because many entrepreneurs have difficulty raising sufficient capital from conventional financial providers such as banks. Moveco.io cryptocurrency has enough information. In addition, the lack of valuable assets to serve as collateral is one of the biggest challenges investors face with traditional financial providers. In other words; many startups and creative entrepreneurs get no answer.

Creators behind Polinate

The creators behind Polinate do things very differently. Using blockchain technology, the aim is to design an ecosystem for creative makers, investors, sponsors and fans to communicate on a fair and permission-free infrastructure and together reap the benefits of each other’s dedication.

Because imagine if you, as a creator and creative person, have access to financing, even without a bank account? That fans can support creators and the causes they believe in? That you can capitalize on your social relationships to act as a patron for an exciting project? And that investors can earn money on creative projects before they are launched? It almost sounds too good to be true and yet that is exactly what Polinate wants to do.

Challenges and disadvantages of conventional crowdfunding platforms

If we look at the current climate, there are various crowdfunding platforms that have made a name for themselves in recent years. However, they are not the ultimate solution and, according to Polinate, there are quite a few challenges and problems with the existing platforms.

Crowdfunding platforms have a so-called gatekeeper function. In practice, this means that some projects are shown and others are not. The idea behind this is to create a good reputation for the crowdfunding platform as a reliable investment tool. At the same time, in practice this means incorporating some companies and disqualifying others. As a result, the goal of providing an inclusive system is not achieved.

Crowdfunding platforms have quite high commission costs. For example, they charge a fee on the total investments that have been made. Kickstarter, for example, charges a 5 percent commission for a creator’s capital raised. In addition, there will be an additional credit card processing fee of 3 percent plus $0.20 for each commitment.


Indiegogo is another crowdfunding platform that offers flexible and fixed campaigns. Flexible crowdfunding allows the person in charge of the crowdfunding campaign to keep the capital raised regardless of whether the original goal has been achieved or not. With fixed crowdfunding, the capital can be transferred if the original funding goal has been reached. For example, Indiegogo charges a 9percent fee for fixed crowdfunding or 4 percent if the initial goal is not reached because the capital is returned. In addition, credit card processing fees of between 3-5 percent are also charged for both fixed and flexible crowdfunding.

Finally, saturated marketplaces give little exposure to projects. In many cases, a competitive market is basically seen as a good thing because it shows high demand. Renovato.io has enough information. A project must be original and have unique features to remain competitive and attract many customers. For many creatives this is quite difficult.

Polinate wants to completely shake up crowdfunding conventions

By using blockchain technology and smart contracts, Polinate aims to provide fair financing options to a variety of creators. In their own words, for example, the conventional crowdfunding model is disrupted by three distinguishing features:

Permissionless – unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, Polinate proposes to provide an infrastructure without permission for creators to display their ‘art’ and build an audience.

Bitcoin Holds Above $40,000, Ethereum Picks Up Something, And These Altcoins Are Catching Up

The trend reversal in the cryptocurrency market continues for the time being and almost all prices are turning green again today. Total market capitalization is up 4% from $1.68 trillion to $1.75 trillion, but trading volumes remain relatively low.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) peaked at around $42,200 late yesterday afternoon, but was beaten hard there and the price fell back to $39,500 in one fell swoop. There was a big bounce and bitcoin shot up again to $40,900, but there was still too much resistance. Stellar price is high.

Bitcoin has fluctuated between $40,250 and $40,650 in recent hours, but with low volume, the question is how quickly the price can climb out of this range. Nevertheless, bitcoin is now 20% in the green compared to a week ago, but still 38% below the all-time high (ATH) from mid-April. Bitcoin’s dominance is waning slightly today, now that some altcoins are catching up.


Ethereum (ETH) initially lagged somewhat compared to the recovery of bitcoin, but has also been in an upward trend since Sunday and is gradually gaining momentum. Ether price has risen nearly 7% in the past 24 hours from $2,480 to $2,650.

In the top 10 largest crypto we see Polkadot (DOT) rising much faster than the rest, more about that later on Crypto Insiders. Today there are hardly any crypto prices that turn red, except for the LEO Token. This exchange token from Bitfinex plunged nearly 15% from $2.80 to $2.39 last night. The crypto prices are high.

Ethereum Support

The fastest climbers out of the top 100 in the past 24 hours include the decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens, which took quite a beating last week. Sushi (SUSHI) is up 10%, Chainlink (LINK) 12% and Synthetix (SNX) 16%. Polygon (MATIC) is also up 15% again, which may be because this layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum is being supported by more and more DeFi products.

The biggest gainers today are Klaytn (KLAY) which is up 19% and the biggest is again Amp (AMP) which even increases by 20%. Amp is now more than 90% in the plus compared to a week ago.

Parachains on Kusama ready to launch on Polkadot

Kusama is ready to roll out parachains on Polkadot’s network. This means that auctions can finally take place where companies and projects compete for one of the scarce parachains. The two chains have a special relationship: Kusama is actually a copy of Polkadot, and is considered a kind of test network where apps and parachains are tested before they go to the mainnet of Polkadot.

Polka dot version 0.9

Kusama and Polkadot creator Gavin Wood wrote in a blog post today that Polkadot is entering the fourth and final phase of its mainnet launch, deploying parachains from the Kusama network. According to Wood, the development arm behind Polkadot, Parity Technologies, released an upgrade. This is Polkadot version 0.9 and intended to integrate Kusama apps. This upgrade is ‘now finally ready to host parachains.’ XLM stellar is well known in crypto.

Yesterday, the Kusama board voted to deploy the first shell parachain (an empty parachain that produces blocks but has no other functionality) on the network. Today or tomorrow, this shell chain is expected to be upgraded to Statemine, a general-purpose parachain for deploying generic assets from fungible tokens to stablecoins, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and non-replaceable tokens (NFTs). If approved by the board and successfully deployed, Statemine will be the first parachain to be launched in the wider Polkadot ecosystem.

Parachains and sharding

The Relay chain is the central blockchain of the Polkadot network where all nodes are located and on which users can stake. Then you have parachains, these are parallel blockchain shards that connect to the Relay chain. The parachains are maintained by their own unique nodes, called collators and bridges. These bridges are special blockchains that allow parachains to connect to, for example, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

public loan

Wood said the launch of the parachains would come after a full external audit of the new version of Polkadot and Kusama. At least one successful public loan auction and hosting at least one functional parachain must be conducted in real life. He did not provide a specific timeline for this roadmap, but added that he expected the audit to be completed in the near future. On the Kusama website you can read that the first of five auctions will be announced a week in advance. “After Kusama’s first auctions have been successfully completed, you can expect Polkadot’s auctions to take place shortly thereafter,” Wood said. LINK chainlink is well known in crypto.

The Polkadot protocol rollout has been underway since August 2020, when the project launched its Rococo testnet to evaluate its planned sharding implementation of parachains. Kusama is ready a bit later than expected, many analysts had hoped for the first quarter of 2021. But there were reportedly problems with the stability of the Rococo testnet, for example one of the parachains was apparently stuck for more than a day.

At the time of writing, the Polkadot rate is approximately 33.50 euros. This is an increase of 2.6% compared to 24 hours ago.

What are the best options available on the market when it comes to VPN’s for Kodi? A few tips and tricks to learn more about this topic

KODI is an excellent Media Center (multi-media player), by adding extensions (Vstream – Addon XXX – SportsDevil) to it you can watch all types of content: Movies, M&E, Pornos, Sports (soccer), TV programs and the VPN economica nel Italia.

The criteria of the best KODI VPNs are quite simple:

  1. An excellent connection speed. Speed is the most important criteria. You need speed to not see your streaming jerky.A VPN can even improve your connection speed. Indeed, F.A.I practice the QOS (brider your connection speed) and tend to limit the bandwidth of certain applications, servers, sites (Youtube) or backbones (Cogent).
  2. NO LOG. You need a VPN that does not keep track of your activities on KODI. KODI you do what you want there. It is your secret garden and your private life.
  3. P2P – Torrent Servers. These are servers (Direct Download) or applications Torrent – P2P that send video files. You need to connect à servers « Torrent-friendly » like Holland, Suède, Romania. No one will see your F.A.I. IP because it will be replaced by the VPN one.
  4. Kill Switch Function. The Kill swith is a feature that allows you to cut applications, software that use the VPN. This protection is essential, even if VPN cuts are now quite rare, because you can very well watch a video with your IP F.A.I without realizing it with the surfshark free trial @ Globalwatchonline.th


Every VPN s ‘s more or less specialized in one area or another. IPVanish is often cited as the « Best Kodi VPN« , « Best VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick » or « Best VPN for Free Streamingt« .

  • IPVanish is the fastest VPN, that’s its major advantage. IPVanish is the VPN provider that offers the best speed on the market. The reason is quite simple: IPVanish has its own network and servers. So it can rely on connection quality and fast speeds. This small speed test shows you a Dutch server of IPVanish (left my connection without VPN)
  • The number of torrent friendly countries is large and you will always have the choice to find a fast server (The Netherlands has more than 80). The connection software intègre a Kill switch, it blocks all your internet traffic if your VPN connection is interrupted with Surfshark sverige @ Globalwatchonline
  • Finally IPVanish is NO LOG: « IPVanish does not collect, monitor, or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network service, under any circumstances, on any platform.


PureVPN has the particularity of having a Repo « PureVPN Kodi« . So you can install PureVPN directly on KODI by adding the source address: https://www.purevpn.com/Kodi-repo . Beware PureVPN Kodi only protects the media center traffic.

If you préférez protection of your entire network then use the connection software that also integrates the function Kil Switch. For KODI we advise you to take the « File Sharing«  mode. PureVPN by itself will select the best protocol and the fastest server. If you want to choose a P2P compatible Server on your own, PureVPN offers Holland, Panama, Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria, … and you will be able to make a Ping Test to choose the fastest one.

  • From the NO LOG, PureVPN is now a certified VPN without Log. To make this excellent News use the code: NOLOGVPN and get 30% discount on PureVPN packages.
  • PureVPN has hired Altius IT, a California-based certified independent information systems auditing firm, to conduct a security audit of the systems and No-Log policy.


NordVPN is the VPN préfér on the VPN Blog. It’s only natural that it is in the TOP 3 best Kodi VPNs. NordVPN has many assets:

  • Certified; NO LOG. NordVPN is based in Panama. Like many VPNs they have obtained from an auditing firm a certification. The NO LOG is the number ONE criterion requested by users. There are two ways to obtain a certification: either by the courts where the absence of LOGS is in fact a certification. Or by private audit firms.
  • P2P servers. NordVPN has many: Holland, Panama, Sweden, Bulgaria, Romania, ….
  • Kill switch intégré

The connection software is very simple to use. For KODI you choose the « Servers spés » then the P2P tab. For the country leave the Fastest option which will allow you to optimize your speed.

How Do You Choose the Right Trading Platform, a Few Tips and Tricks in These Markets

When choosing the right trading platform, the investor should bear in mind that the programme should offer opportunities for personal development. Individual trading strategies must be able to be developed and programmed. Investors who are not familiar with programming should also be considered. Popular programming languages are C# and EasyLanguage.

Choosing the Right Trading Platform

Numerous trading systems are offered in automatic and semi-automatic form, offering the right thing for beginners and experts. Those who want to trade Forex as well as Futures or CFD should choose a provider that covers all points. If your active in Spain or other Spanish countries, we would advice you to read the article ‘’Los costos de un bróker en línea’’

Attention must also be paid to real-time trading. Each platform trades at different speeds – here, the faster, the better, the more real. After all, price fluctuations happen within seconds and quick decisions thus decide on profit and loss. A reliable and fast platform is therefore essential.

Trading Platforms for Forex

In the true sense, platforms that are suitable for Forex trading are packages with software. These provide the investor with all the facilities to make forex transactions, place orders and trade in real time at el Forex mercado en Chile.

  1. This is normally done through the trader’s own internet connection. A good forex trading platform should meet the needs of the respective user and, in the best case, be available free of charge.
  2. The multitude of different user requirements is covered by a large variety of platforms. Each offers different possibilities. There are simple platforms that use simple interfaces or, as an exact counterpart, those that are highly animated or offer elaborate analysis tools.
  3. The individual needs and preferences also determine the choice of trading platform from a purely visual point of view, but more important are the available options for stock market trading.
  4. There are no basic criteria for selection, but there are a few points of reference that the trader can use for orientation. The Forex trading platform should be easy to use and offer a reliable service that rarely shows signs of failure.
  5. Real-time prices are important, because only then is reliable trading possible under the best conditions. Therefore, it must be possible to enter and cancel orders quickly. For this purpose, the account management functions should be comprehensive and quick to use.







Healthy Habits: 10 Daily Habits That Changed My Life

Healthy daily habits can transform your life. In this video, I share 10 daily habits that have helped not only my physical health but also my mental and brain health. All the habits are backed by science so they really do work!