Vladimir Chernigov

In 1991 after serving as military journalist, Mr. Chernigov set up a company operating in the catering and producing equipment for the social feeding industry. In 2000 the state request for school canteens re-equipment were received and in-depth investigation of the school feeding as comprehensive  multi-component system was started. At that time it became obvious that there are a huge lack of knowledge and legislative base for school feeding organization. In order to develop scientific basis and justification of decision-making for school feeding Mr. Chernigov left the company and began studying school feeding system, its’ major components, aims and objectives.

This led to the establishment in 2004 of the Russian NGO – Social and Industrial Foodservice Institute (SIFI) to examine the problems of catering services in various sectors and take effective role in development and implementation of complex systems for social feeding with regard of food quality and safety. Since the establishment SIFI became an active participant in various activities aimed at the development of social nutrition and social protection programs, both in the Russian Federation, as well as on the global scale. In 2008-2011 actively participated in implementation of the Federal Program “School Feeding” in 44 regions of the Russian Federation.

Representing SIFI among other NGOs Mr. Chernigov participated in Civil20 and Civil8 Groups on International Development and Social Risks Management under the Russian Presidencies in different foras.

At present Mr. Chernigov is the SIFI President and Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation on a voluntary basis. He is a member of Intergovernmental Working Groups on food security, nutrition and school feeding in particular.