Paolo Mattei

Paolo Mattei is Country Director of World Food Programme, Tajikistan, since July 2016.

Paolo Mattei has a long experience of work in humanitarian, emergency, and development operations. He has worked in the field since 1990, and among his most recent high-level positions, he served as WFP Representative in La Paz, Bolivia (2012-2016), where he managed the Country Office and five suboffices, He was successfully able to lead negotiations with central government, coordination of two emergency operations in Bolivia and three in Paraguay. He gained valuable international experience by working with WFP in Thailand (2009-2012), Sudan (2007-2009), Italy (2001-2007), Nicaragua (2000-2001), and China (1999-2000). He worked for FAO as Agrometeorologist in Southern Africa (1990-1994), and for the European Commission in Ethiopia as food security expert (1995-1997). He earned a Master of Science in Agriculture Science from University of Perugia, Italy. Currently, WFP supports the government of Tajikistan’s efforts to increase access to food and to improve nutrition by focusing on two interlinked components: building and consolidating a national safety net system with a food security and nutrition focus, targeting the poorest and most food insecure households, and enhancing the resilience of food insecure and vulnerable rural communities exposed to recurrent natural and economic shocks.