Opening Session:

Plenary session 1 Priorities for policy research to improve food security and nutrition in Eurasia:

  • Johan Swinnen Role of Agricultural Transformation for Food and Nutrition Security in Eurasia: Challenges, Issues, and Implications for Research Download PDF
  • Mauricio Rosales Strengthening Food security, Nutrition and Social Protection LinkagesDownload PDF
  • Nurali Asozoda Agriculture, food security and priorities for research – Download PDF (in Russian)
  • Farbod Youssefi “Enabling the Business of Agriculture” in Central Asia – Download PDF
  • Galina Stulina The role of women in food security (based on farm survey data) –  Download PDF (in Russian)
  • Katrina Kosec Reflections on research priorities related to food security and nutrition in Central Asia Download PDF 

Plenary session 2 What are some successful examples of food and nutrition security interventions?

  • Shafkat Dzhuraev No-till wheat cultivation in Tajikistan – Download PDF (In Russian)
  • Kanat Tilikeev, Promotion of kidney bean production and export in the Talas province of the Kyrgyz Republic – Download PDF
  • Dauren Oshakbaev, Role of government policy in promoting oil crops and pulses in light of agricultural diversification in Kazakhstan Download PDF  (In Russian)
  • Aida Bolotbekova and Allen Park, Digital food security and development tools: Experience with Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan Spatial  Download PDF  (in Russian)
  • Kairat Shalabay, Promoting climate resilience and resource efficiency technologies for food security: The experience of Tajikistan – Download PDF 

Plenary session 3 ECFS research and education projects

  • Pavel Krasilnikov, Overview of land and soil degradation in Eurasia – Download PDF
  • Yulia Mitusova, Overview of case studies on food security in Eurasia developed in 2016 – Download PDF
  • Evgeny Tsvetnov, Overview of ECFS education programs: Master’s programs and short term courses on agrofood management and land and water resource management aspects of food securityDownload PDF 


Session 4.1: Getting the most out of institutional partnerships

  • Anette Friis Partnerships for better outcomes Download PDF
  • Kairat Shalabay Role of local financial institutions in promoting access to climate resilience technologies in Tajikistan Download PDF
  • Ram Sharma and Akmal Akramkhanov ICARDA in Central Asia and the Caucasus – a successful example of partnership over two decadesDownload PDF
  • Kamiljon Akramov IFPRI’s experience on building network of institutions and researchers on food security and nutrition in Central AsiaDownload PDF
  • Joachim Langbein and Zarangez Makhmudova Introduction of a fee based extension model and cooperation with public extension servicesDownload PDF
  • Bozor Rahmonov, Irrigation system rehabilitation for food security in rural areasDownload PDF (In Russian)

 Session 4.2: Food Security in Eurasia: Case Studies

  • Yulia Mitusova, Anna Buyvolova Development of organic agriculture in Russia Download PDF (In Russian)
  • Bakhrom Mirkasimov Government policies on production and consumption of wheat/flour/bread in Uzbekistan Download PDF 
  • Abduhakim Islamov, Abdybek Asanaliev Seed farming in the Kyrgyz Republic in the conditions of membership in the EEU – Download PDF 
  • Dilbara Kirbasheva, Ekaterina Yakubovich Impact of food system shocks on population in the Kyrgyz Republic – Download PDF (In Russian)
  • Aziz Nurbekov Strengthening agricultural resilience against droughts in Uzbekistan – Download PDF 
  • Abdukhalil Najibulloev Policy action in Tajikistan in response to food prices increase Download PDF (In Russian)

Session 4.3: Public Policy Aspects of Food and Nutrition Security

  • Migration, employment, and food and nutrition security, Katrina Kosec on the Kyrgyz Republic, Bakhrom Mirkasimov on Uzbekistan – Download PDF1  Download PDF
  • Hiroyuki Takeshima Nutrition sensitive agriculture: Evidence from Tajikistan – Download PDF
  • Kamiljon Akramov Allen Park Changing food consumption patterns and nutrition: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan – Download PDF
  • Katrina Kosec Land reform and child nutrition: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan – Download PDF
  • Max Blanck FSN Forum policy dialogues: contributing to food security and nutrition policy processes at country and regional level – Download PDF

Session 4.4: Developing capacity in the field of food security, nutrition sensitive social protection programs at regional and country level

  • Mauricio Rosales –  Download PDF 
  • Paolo Mattei, Director WFP Tajikistan – Download PDF 
  • Teddy Noel-Hill, IOM Tajikistan – link will be available soon


  • Galina Stulina, Soil resource management for food security – Download PDF (In Russian)
  • The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition – Download PDF 
  • I.Lukashova, N.Mokrousov – Download PDF (In Russian)